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Vox Soars into the Year of the Dragon 🐲 #NewFrontier

Vox Vanguard Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year full of Wealth, Health, and Prosperity!

We are poised to embark into the next manifestation of performing arts arenas. Our research and development department is launching a range of innovative products. Teaming up with the future technologies company Shadow Factory, our esteemed team of creative consultants aims to create groundbreaking artworks that will revolutionise the way people of all generations engage and connect with the arts. Since our inception, we have witnessed a transformative shift in how we interact with the world. With the advent of the metaverse, advancements in AR and VR, and the progress of Artificial Intelligence, we are thrilled to announce our first Vision product in the first quarter of 2024. We invite you to think beyond conventional boundaries and speculate on what this exciting new venture might entail. How do you envision the next frontier for the performing arts?

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