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Thank you for attending SONIC VISIONS! #NewFrontier

Vox Vanguard thanks each and every one of you for supporting the first chapter of the #NewFrontier, “Sonic Visions: Visualising the Music of Mussorgsky”.

The show was a huge success and the response, questions, and interest around our newest technological developments has been invigorating.

Dr. Hsin-I Huang’s two performances were virtuosic and masterful. He inspired audience members of all ages and transported us inside of the music. An audience member, one of Vox Academy's students in fact, said, “I felt like I had drifted into a dreamland far away”. Thank you, Hsin-I, for sharing your talents with Hong Kong and your musical genius with Vox Vanguard.

The visualiser is a sneak peek of what is to come. The next phase of development is already well on its way and we cannot wait to share the date for the next chapter of the #NewFrontier with you.

Photos, Videos, Interviews, TV appearances, behind-the-scenes, and more coming soon!

Thank you for joining us at “Sonic Visions”, in collaboration with The Fringe Club, on 1st & 2nd March; where our Vision Department unveiled its groundbreaking first product. We delved into the fascinating world of human perception, collaborating with A.I. and how our five senses shape our understanding of reality. 

Vox Experiences have always aimed to engage all senses, from visual and tactile arts to culinary delights and fragrant sensations. “Sonic Visions” pushed the boundaries even further! We imagined experiencing music not just through our ears, but through our eyes. Vox’s visionary founder Matthew Tosca collaborated with musicians, composers, engineers and fine-artists to unlock the secrets of visualising music. This revolutionary approach allows anyone, regardless of musical training, to grasp the “fundamental particles” of music. We didn't want anyone to miss out on the mind-bending experience, "Sonic Visions", but watch out for the next chapter of the #NewFrontier coming soon!

Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us!

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