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Shadow Factory Collaboration

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Vox Vanguard is taking the lead in artistic innovation: our branch, Vox Vision, is where all research and development take the place for our most unique and avant-garde projects, pushing the boundaries of technology and arts integration. Vox Vanguard is creating tomorrow's artistic mediums and platforms with leading industry experts in artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, lighting and conceptual design, music production, and film.

In line with Vox's mission and the very rapid evolution of the arts, catapulted during COVID, we have partnered with Shadow Factory to produce some unique creations and research new ways to connect across continents.

Dr. Adam Perchard, one of Vox Vanguard's premier artists based in London, found himself quarantined at his parent's home, in Jersey, during the pandemic. The Shadow Factory collaborated with the artist to capture facial motion data and create the animated CGI character head to be broadcasted in Hong Kong, a feat that took a lot of time and effort. As the leading developer of virtual, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies, Shadow Factory worked hand in hand, metaphorically, aligns with us amid the pandemics and turbulence in and together seeking unison through increased societal estrangement.

The creation of such a unique collaboration is described by Shadow Factory:" this process is simply the new normal that has induced an updated pipeline flexibility and a new agility in thinking "

Another contemporary 3d graphic project concurrently underway: Dr. Peter Nelson, an assistant professor in the academy of visual arts. Recently, Dr. Nelson and his team are focusing on 3D computer graphics and machine learning in their in-progress "Landscape forms." First, the graphic work uses a voxel-based Generated Adversarial Network (GAN) to create 3D trees. Then, using poetic audio-visual, it cycles through the training phases of the GAN to illustrate how the system learns and produces the three-dimensional structure. Also, "Landscape forms" uses particle morphing, vertex shape keys, and latent spacewalks as animation techniques.

In recent years, the technology revolution spread far beyond the commercial and industrial spheres and into the art world. Thus, what sparks will arise when technology meets traditional art? Does this transcend people's idea of what art is? Stay with us to learn more about the research and development projects going on at Vox Vision, more to come in the world of film scoring and music production next month.

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