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Junior Conductor Training

  • INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (14 per term: 60-min or 90-min)
    Private instruction in conducting technique, score study, music theory, and history; in addition to the musical focus of the individual session, students will also receive training in music business, the collaborative arts, and leadership skills

  • STUDIO SESSIONS (5 per term: 60-min sessions)

Monthly workshop where all members of the studio come together to practice performance, improve physical mobility, musicality and confidence; allowing students, parents and instructor to engage in open conversation (conducting with piano)

  • ENSEMBLE CONDUCTING SESSIONS (2 per term: 60-min sessions)

Private instruction in conducting string quartet + piano

  • RECITAL (1 per term)


Throughout the term, each student will have access to additional resources, such as: lesson recordings, supplemental technique videos, sheet music, musical games and exercises, and Spotify

  • Additional 60-min individual sessions available in Theory, History and Score Reading

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