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Vox Vanguard leads the charge in artistic innovation by pushing the boundaries on the integration of technology and the arts. It is our mission to promote world-class emerging talents by creating uniquely bespoke environments where interaction between artist and audience is not hindered by concert hall seating or continuous musical performance.

“Olympia” is one such environment- an experiential performance that personifies the essence of the Burberry Olympia campaign by re-inventing a Baroque masterpiece as an electronic-fused composition. Classical, historic, and street-chic styles of dance and fashion come together to evoke the strength and power of the feminine energy. Using the Baroque form and perpetual improvisational qualities of the Tartini masterpiece, a dramatic, colourful vignette unfolds. Infused with different experiences and perceptions, the sound creates not only a performance, but a unique and artistic nonverbal communication platform.

As an entirely bespoke, electronic composition, Vox Vanguard’s team of music producers (Laci Olah, Zaj Williams and Matthew Tosca) created a soundscape that amplifies the harmonic progressions of the original Tartini work. The new composition rhythmically supports the live, solo violin with ancient sounds and instruments (including the re-creation of a now extinct instrument, the 17th century lute-harpsichord) to provide a contemporary high-fashion and trance-like pulse.

“The main idea was to mix sounds that span over 300 years,” Laci Olah explains. “Through today's technology, it's possible to mix a medieval lute with a bass guitar from the 70s, the same one from one of Jimi Hendrix's recordings. This is where we are in a parallel universe- a place where 300 years overlap.”

The synthesis of electronic beats and harmony, complimenting the baroque structure, helped to define each scene in the piece. This digital creation and collaborative art piece represents a new path for the presentation of the classical arts.

Similarly, musicians around the world are seeking collaborative innovation to explore the utmost potential of rhythm and redefine the understanding of genre, style formation, and evolution. Violinist Meredith Enzinma Ramsay, who takes the stage as Enzinma, collaborates with musicians across many genres, creating a mix of virtuosic melodies, symphonic soundscapes, and hard-hitting beats that are both cinematic and orchestral.

As we continue to cross borders in both sound and music, we aim to provide exposure to diversified resources for artists and musicians alike, enlivening the sentiments and historical contexts of classical music and art for a broader audience.

Stay with us, to witness the infinite possibilities of music and art.


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