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Vox Vanguard is an immersive classical art production company that creates bespoke brand experiences. Artistic director, Matthew Tosca along with the talented design and production teams at Vox Vanguard, design and produce experiences specific to the needs and focus of its client. With the ability to draw on the talents of any number of artists, produce any type of music or theatre throughout history and cherish both tradition and progress, Vox Vanguard is the most innovative and sophisticated experience one can offer their clients and/or brand; one that will be remembered forever.

Art Experience

Providing more than a service or a product, but an experience, a story that immerses one’s clients within the history and essence of their brand.


Facilitating all needs for its clients from concept, to design, to production, to post- production, from bespoke musical and visual creations to video and technological innovations and more.


Experiences that enliven the senses using multiple art forms to create each experience, allowing audience members to connect and interact with the art in a manner like never before.


A global network of talents and connections to its clients, that at anytime can assist in facilitating and realising the needs and goals of any experience.


Exploring with careful research and consideration the goals and aesthetics of each client and/or brand. Each experiential programme, each story is specifically selected to amplify those goals and aesthetics and every step of the process (venue, service, flow, production, etc) carefully crafted, in order to form the basis for a exceptionally unique and seamless experience.

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"Art is what connects us."
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