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Our Experiences.

"There are no limits to what we can imagine"

July 2019

To mark Pride Jubilee, 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising, the White & Case London Spectrum Network and BNP Paribas’ LGBT Network collaborate with immersive, classical art production company Vox Vanguard, to bring to life an experience that exemplifies the LGBT+ journey through history.


Celebrating one of history’s most famous and romantic LGBT+ icons, Tchaikovsky, Vox Vanguard re-imagines the story of Swan Lake in the sumptuous surroundings of the Haymarket Hotel. This immersive experience will feature renowned ballet dancers (Jamie Firth as Prince Siegfried and Natasha Trigg as Odette) and the 10-piece Vox ‘Pride’ Chamber Orchestra, as well as a special audience cameo playing the Queen. 


Join us, as we start our own Pride Jubilee by sharing in the history of those who made it possible for us to be proud today. 


March 2019


Vox Vanguard's Connections is an explorative concert series that connects our Collective with the roots of our organisation, ever expanding and promoting the presence of the classical arts in contemporary society. 


This inaugural, evocative and exclusive performance will showcase the bespoke repertoire from one of Vox's most successful immersive experiences, Through the Wardrobe(based on C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"); featuring: soloist and rising opera star, Fleur De Bray singing The Queen of the Night from Mozart's "The Magic Flute", as well as Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Vaughan Williams' The Lark Ascending, special recognition for some of the most influential artist within the Vox Collective and a keynote speech on how we all come together to challenge and change the preconceptions of the classical arts.



November 2018

Vox Vanguard’s ninth experience "Rhapsody in Pink" is an abridged re-telling of the iconic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, with a Wainwright twist. Enter the Boodles’ Mansion for a celebration like no other and meet Daisy Buchanan, married to the young and handsome aristocratic heir, Tom Buchanan and Nick Carraway, Daisy’s distant cousin, who has come to London to make his fortune and discover the zeitgeist of the Roaring 20’s, where he will meet the prodigal dancer, Jordan Baker, who learns of a secret from long, long ago about the man we have all come to party with; the man with the most spectacular diamonds in the world, Mr. Wainwright.


Clap your hands! Slap your thigh! 

Come and join the Boodles’ Jubilee!

Belle Epoque.jpg

June 2018

Vox Vanguard’s eighth experience Belle Époque - a short comedic Edwardian, Alexander McQueen inspired vignette - was designed for The Boodles, one of the most acclaimed international tennis exhibitions in the world. Loosely based on Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus - a diamond thief, baritone and rising star Szymon Komasa, is out for one "final fling" before his final capture and demise. Followed by his trio of bandits, he invites the crowd to join him to "dance and sing", as he performs and immerses the audience within salon music of the 19th century, Mozart's, Don Giovanni -Fin ch'han dal vino and Tosti's, Ideale and Marechiare. 

May 2018

Vox Vanguard’s seventh experience, 1000 Tropical Nights:  "The Unattainable Series" was the inaugural Tempus Earth Conservation Gala in support of the World Wildlife Fund. 1000 Tropical Nights transported guests from inside the Dorchester ballroom to a Rousseauian impressionistic paradise deep within the jungles of India and China, to experience the trials and tribulations of our planet's endangered species and ecosystems through the ancient story of Scheherazade. Their plight came to life through the classical sounds of the Vox Symphony Orchestra performing Rimsky-Korsakov's, Scheherazade (arranged by Kenichi Ikuno-Sekiguchi) and Saint-Säens, Carnival of the Animals, alongside six full body-painted "animal" dancers, Pedro Caxade as King Shahryar and Sophie Apollonia as Scheherazade; all amplified through a spectacular video wall that captured not only the performers live, but explored our planet’s vast and immense beauty through live edited archival footage (compliments of sponsors and partners, Waterbear Network and the WWF).

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.44.11 PM.png

February 2018

Vox Vanguard’s sixth experience "The Unattainable" – a three-dimensional experiential picture and conservation exhibit, promoting the protection of endangered species and their habitats - was designed for Tempus Magazine, headline sponsor for the BRIT Awards official after party. The concept for the installation, “The Unattainable” was to bring to life the painting Suprised! by Henri Rousseau ‘Tiger Caught in a Tropical Storm’ (1891). The installation featured two models/performance artists, "The Woman in Red", wearing a Stella McCartney red Giorgelli Crepe couture gown paired with ruby and diamond Faberge earrings and "The Tiger", a male model body painted from head to toe. "The Woman in Red" represents the strong and powerful woman of today and "The Tiger", the majestic and proud endangered species, both roped off and surrounded by incredible flora reminiscent of Rousseau's paintings, creating the illusion of the painting spilling off the wall and into the physical world. 

November - December 2017

Vox Vanguard’s fifth experience "Through the Wardrobe" - a bespoke brand experience for British luxury jeweller Boodles, based on C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" - was a series of nine Narnia themed Christmas events that took place in historic venues across England; including The Savoy Hotel and Knowsley Hall. Characters and each setting sparkled as couture gowns were styled with Boodles incredible diamonds in amongst the splendour of their display cases. These incredible sights were paired with bespoke arrangements of Debussy's "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune", Mozart's "Queen of the Night" and Vaughan Williams "The Lark Ascending" by composer Kenichi Ikuno Sekiguchi, a ballet where Lucy discovers Mr. Tumnus in this winter wonderland and hand sculpted centrepieces representative of the woodland characters that the White Witch had turned to stone.  

October 2016

Vox Vanguard’s fourth experience Inferno – an exclusive Halloween masquerade ball in Hell – took place in the heart of the city, at one of London’s oldest and most eminent venues, Merchant Taylor’s Hall. With over 300 guests in attendance, dressed in black tie, evening gowns and of course masquerade masks, Vox Vanguard produced a true immersive spectacle, that featured a 70-piece orchestra, Baroque opera scenes, actors, dancers and innovative animations designed by world famous conceptual engineer, Moritz Waldemeyer. Inferno became the great achievement that defined Vox Vanguard as the company that designs immersive and bespoke classical art

May 2016

Vox Vanguard’s third experience American Graffiti – an American themed event that travelled the time periods of the 1920’s-40’s in New York City – took place in a blank canvas Bermondsey warehouse, that Oliver Epp transformed into the City of Sin, not only including Lady Liberty doing a handstand, but an interactive graffiti display that allowed the more than 200 strong, flapper and gangster filled audience to express themselves artistically throughout the musical and literary works of Bernstein, Gershwin, Fitzgerald and more.

August 2015

Vox Vanguard’s second experience Sensaciones de Tango – a South American summer garden party – took place on a large terrace at an exclusive London residence, where Vox Vanguard saw its collective grow to new heights; with over 100 members in attendance, all dressed in white linens and laces, panama hats and Spanish shawls, guests reveled in the rustic and contemporary atmosphere realized by leading contemporary artist, Oliver Epp, sipped margaritas and learned to tango to the rhythms of Piazzolla and Ginastera.

May 2015

Vox Vanguard’s first experience The Gilded Birdcage – a Victorian Salon performance of Cesar Franck’s Violin and Piano Sonata – took place in a multi-million pound converted warehouse loft in Shoreditch, where a group of eclectic and influential young professionals attended in elaborate fancy dress and experienced Victorian love through the lens of Oscar Wilde, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and more.



Step into my workshop little toy, a place where fantasy and imagination come to life. Explore your winter desires and immerse yourself in the vibes of magic and mysticism with Vox Vanguard’s The Nutcracker: “Drosselmeyer’s Workshop”.

“We are a world away from both the bustle of real life and the refined stuffiness of a grand ballet. It is raw and visceral, performers right in front of us, between us, draining our glasses and drunkenly swaggering back to their spots. Nothing is off limits. It challenges as it
enchants, forcing me to rethink my impression of the ballet and get back to the story itself. In doing so, it could so easily have forgotten to respect the beloved score, but to Vox Vanguard’s huge credit, the classical performances are top notch: lively but precise interpretations of (excerpts from) Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece.”

“Matthew Tosca has created something refined and exciting, which is familiar yet challenges us to dream bigger. The whole cast and crew deliver something spectacular, in every sense.”




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