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Drosselmeyer's Workshop.

Step into my workshop little toy, a place where fantasy and imagination come to life. Explore your winter desires and immerse yourself in the vibes of magic and mysticism with
Vox Vanguard’s The Nutcracker: “Drosselmeyer’s Workshop”.

“We are a world away from both the bustle of real-life and the refined stuffiness of a grand ballet. It is raw and visceral, performers right in front of us, between us, draining our glasses and drunkenly swaggering back to their spots. Nothing is off-limits. It challenges as it enchants, forcing me to rethink my impression of the ballet and get back to the story itself.
In doing so, it could so easily have forgotten to respect the beloved score, but to Vox Vanguard’s huge credit, the classical performances are top-notch: lively but precise interpretations of (excerpts from) Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece.”

“Matthew Tosca has created something refined and exciting, which is familiar yet challenges us to dream bigger. The whole cast and crew deliver something spectacular, in every sense.”


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