Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Vox Vanguard is an immersive classical art production company that creates bespoke brand experiences. Vox Vanguard experiences explore the sounds and sentiments of classical music through other art forms, including fine art, dance, literature, film, technology, and more.


Our Story

Founded in London in 2015 by Matthew Tosca, Vox Vanguard is an international

classical art design and production company committed to breaking down the

barriers between artist and  audience.


Since its inception, Vox Vanguard has designed for and collaborated with a multitude of designers,artists, brands, individuals and institutions, including:

Tatler Hong Kong, the World Wildlife Fund, TheBRITS, Fabergé, Amanda Wakeley, Boodles, choreographer Liam Scarlett, couturier Nicholas Oakwell, fine artist Oli Epp, conceptual engineer Moritz Waldemeyer, Tempus Magazine, White & Case LLP, BNP Paribas, the Earl & Countess of Derby and more.

Vox Vanguard designs and produces experiences and installations that enliven the sentiments and historical contexts of classical music and art for a broader audience, by collaborating with other art forms, such as: fine art, dance, fashion, film, literature, technology and more.

Vox Vanguard has an extensive international collective of artists and industry professionals and it is our mission to promote these world-class, emerging talents by creating bespoke and unique
environments, where interaction between artist and audience is not hindered by concert hall seating or continuous musical performance. Our programmes intersperse artistic

collaboration throughout an evening or space to produce a storyline that promotes artistic interaction with a contemporary relatability.

Meet The Team